3 Jul 2006

Fiji President to decide if Mahendra Chaudhry is legal leader of Labour Party

9:33 am on 3 July 2006

Fiji's president will receive documentation today to enable him to decide whether Mahendra Chaudhry is the properly elected leader of the Labour Party and can therefore nominate its senators to the Upper House.

Last Friday President Iloilo put the appointment of senators nominated by Mr Chaudhry on hold and sought information on whether he was the legitimately elected leader of the Labour Party.

This happened after a majority of the party's management board elected Mr Chaudhry's deputy, Poseci Bune, as the acting leader in his absence overseas in Hong Kong.

The dissenting group then sent in their own list of Labour Party nominees to the Senate direct to the president and informed him that Mr Chaudhry had not been re-endorsed as the Labour Party leader after the May general election.

Officials at Government House have confirmed that President Iloilo put the senate appointments on hold because he did not want to be faced with litigation in court from either of the two factions in the Labour Party.