7 Jun 2006

House will proceed unless court decides otherwise, says Tonga speaker

7:48 pm on 7 June 2006

A civil action brought by Tonga's Noble Lasike and eight People's Representatives against the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House, and the Kingdom of Tonga, is calling for the closure of the Tongan Legislature.

However, the action, which claims that the assembly for 2006 was illegally opened by the Princess Regent Pilolevu on June the 1st, will not stop the proceeding of the House.

The Matangitonga website reports that according to the Speaker, the Honourable Tu'iha'angana the legislature will meet again on Monday and proceed with the budget debate.

He says that the House will only be closed if ordered by the Supreme Court.

MP Clive Edwards has filed a writ with the Supreme Court, claiming that the current session has not been legally opened.