24 May 2006

Fiji's multi party cabinet good for tourism

7:44 am on 24 May 2006

The chief executive of the Fiji Visitors Bureau says the formation of the multi-party cabinet will secure the future of the tourist industry which is the country's biggest.

Bill Gavoka says huge growth is forecast for the tourism industry in the future but this can only be realised if all communities work together as one.

Mr Gavoka says the Fiji Visitors Bureau agrees with the major political parties, private and state organisations, and religious bodies including the public which have applauded the multi-party cabinet.

He says Fiji used to be known as "The Way the World Should Be" but the 1987 Rabuka coups changed all that and its image became one of a soldier in a balaclava with an M-16 in the hand.

Mr Gavoka says a bold experiment like the multi-party cabinet could help convince the world that Fiji is still "The Way the World Should Be.""