23 May 2006

Kiribati parents want sackings over alleged scholarship nepotism

1:45 pm on 23 May 2006

The Kiribati Parents Teachers Association has written a petition to the government over the scholarship issue, demanding the sacking of those involved in the matter.

18 scholarship students sent to the University of the South Pacific in Fiji this semester to study degree courses were not eligible.

The chairman of the association, Dr Baua Tebau, says they would like government to take urgent action on their petition.

The association has asked who is sending the ineligible students, and if found, the person should punished.

And, it has also asked for the return of the 18 students from Fiji.

However, it says if government agrees they should stay in Fiji, then the same benefits should also be given to students doing studies at the USP center in Kiribati.

The petition also asks government that students doing studies in Kiribati should be the priority of the Ministry of Education when it comes to scholarship award in the second semester this year.

The petition also ask that the Parents Teachers Association should be represented at the Scholarship Board of the Ministry of Education to take part in the selection process.