15 May 2006

The SPC and WHO support Nauru as it tackles lifestyle diseases

8:15 pm on 15 May 2006

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community says Nauru will need outside assistance to implement its long term strategy to improve the health of Nauruans.

A draft strategy has been drawn up to tackle lifestyle diseases on Nauru.

A recent WHO report showed extreme levels of diabetes and smoking, with high levels of alcohol consumption and obesity.

The SPC's physical activity advisor, Dr Viliami Puloka, says he's encouraging Nauruans to walk more and to monitor their diet more closely.

He says the SPC and the WHO are supportive of the Nauru government's efforts to improve people's health.

"The hard part will come in trying to do things and following it up and the SPC is committed to follow through with the planning and the implementation and we will do this in collaboration with the WHO."

Dr Puloka says they will meet again in July to review the draft strategy before thr final version is presented to the government for approval.