4 May 2006

New Solomons government seen as blend of new faces and experience

9:04 pm on 4 May 2006

A leading women's activist in Solomon Islands, Sara Dyer, says the new government, led by Manasseh Sogavare, is a good blend of new faces and experienced politicians.

Mr Sogavare was elected prime minister today, defeating Fred Fono by 28 votes to 22.

Ms Dyer, who is spokesperson for Women in Leadership, and was one of several hundred who welcome the election result outside parliament, says people wanted change and they think they will get it from the Sogavare administration.

"The group they've got you know that Sogavare is the leader of is a quite a good group. There is a lot of new faces in politics, but with all of them there they will make a good team for leading the country."

Mr Sogavare's cabinet is likely to include former prime ministers, Bartholomew Ulufa'alu, Francis Billy Hilly, as well Job Tausinga who lost a prime ministerial vote to Snyder Rini last month.