21 Apr 2006

New Caledonian Goverment minister welcomes the assistance of a pro-independence group

10:34 am on 21 April 2006

The New Caledonian minister for economic development and mining, Didier Leroux, says he welcomes the mediating role of the pro-independence FLNKS movement in the Goro Nickel conflict.

The group is now acting as a mediator between Rheebu Nuu and the other stakeholders, after former roundtable talks were unsuccessful.

Work at the Goro site has been suspended for nearly three weeks after Rheebu Nuu members wrecked 10 million US dollars of equipment.

Mr Leroux says maybe The FLNKS will succceed this time.

"FLNKS hasn't been able to come to any conclusive agreement with Rheebu Nuu. And last time they spoke Rheebu Nuu said that they wouldn't do any blockading of the road and so on, which they made and which prompted the intervention of the high commissioner last Tuesday."

Didier Leroux.