13 Apr 2006

Indonesia to ask PNG to help hunt rebels

4:01 pm on 13 April 2006

Indonesia is to ask Papua New Guinea to help track down separatist rebels who attacked an army unit near the border with Indonesia's Papua province earlier this week.

The military say two soldiers were hacked to death and two of the attackers were shot dead.

The ABC reports that Indonesian authorities say the attackers, about 30 in number, were members of the Papuan separatist movement, the OPM, and that they fled back across the border after the attack.

They say at least one AK-47 automatic assault weapon was used in the attack, as well as traditional axes and bows and arrows and that this is a worrying development.

Indonesia's Security Minister Widodo says Indonesia has established good co-operation with PNG and need the help of the PNG Government in chasing down and arresting the attackers.