28 Mar 2006

PNG Government is called on to seek international support to resolve the Papua issue

7:05 pm on 28 March 2006

The Opposition in Papua New Guinea says the Port Moresby Government has to make a clear stand over its neighbouring Indonesia province, Papua.

Peter O'Neill says the diplomatic rift between Jakarta and Canberra after Papuan asylum seekers were granted temporary visas into Australia, highlights the need for action.

He says the Government can no longer turn a blind eye to events in the province.

Mr O'Neill says they can no longer ignore human rights abuses in Papua, where, he says, people are not allowed to freely express their views.

He says the PNG Government should put the matter before the international community.

"And get involved with our neighbouring countries like Australia and New Zealand and try and have the United Nations involved in the issue of Papua. We in Papua New Guinea, as you know quite well, invited the United Nations to be involved in Bougainville in recent times. And I believe a similar position should be taken in the case of Papua."

Peter O'Neill.