28 Mar 2006

Bougainville church wants Musingku scam to leave its land

3:39 pm on 28 March 2006

The United Church in the autonomous province of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea has demanded that the money scam operator, U-Vistract, vacate the church land it is occupying.

The church has given U-Vistract, which is headed by Noah Musingku, one year from Saturday to relocate his so called financial institution.

The Post Courier newspaper reports the Bishop of the United Church, the Reverend Joseph Noupe, as saying the church wants the land at Tonu back for some developments.

The decision comes after continuous complaints that the land was being illegally used.

Mr Musingku is reported to be raising a private security force using former Fiji soldiers and is viewed as a threat by the autonomous government.

The Reverend Noupe said he wanted to make it clear that the United Church had nothing to do with Mr Musingku and his financial institution.