22 Mar 2006

American Samoa Senate warns of budget overrun

8:48 am on 22 March 2006

American Samoa's Senate President, Lolo Letalu Moliga, is predicting an overrun in the Senate's budget for the current fiscal year because of the $600,000 the government's Budget Office cut from the Senate's fiscal year 2006 budget submission.

Yesterday the Fono passed the $611,000 supplemental budget for FY 2006 including the restoration of $101,000 of Fono funds that were deleted when the governor vetoed some provisions of the budget last year.

But Lolo said the total financial needs of the Senate are still unmet because of the $600,000 cut by the Budget Office last year.

He is asking the governor to reinstate the $600,000 to ensure there is no Senate budget overrun this fiscal year.

He says the money could come from the unused $2.3 million of the $10 million that American Samoa received in 2003 from the U.S. Congress