21 Mar 2006

No sign of action following PNG academics' strike threat

1:46 pm on 21 March 2006

Papua New Guinea's industrial registrar, Helen Saleu, says academics have not approached her office about taking strike action.

The National Academic Staff Association at the University of PNG has threatened strike action, if the vice chancellor, Professor Leslie Eastcott, and four other senior executives are not immediately suspended.

The union wants the suspension while the Ombudsman Commission investigates a huge planned payout to Professor Eastcott and other senior staff, compensating them for their treatment during last year's student unrest.

Helen Saleu says she has not been notified of any strike.

"At this stage the union has not seen me on that issue, especially the National Academic staff association has not come forward to my office to discuss that issue so I am in the dark as to whether that issue can be handled here or not."

The industrial registrar, Helen Saleu

Students had clashed violently mid last year after disagreeing with the way the grade point average was being applied by the university administration.