6 Mar 2006

Tokelau battles to contain pests

8:34 pm on 6 March 2006

An invasive species expert says a project will be launched in Tokelau next month to fight an infestation of crazy ants.

The Invasive Species Specialist Group says specialists have discovered the ants, whose acid secretions are a nuisance, on Nukunonu and Fakaofo atolls.

The New Zealand based Pacific Coordinator for the Group, Bill Nagle, says crazy ants are among 30 species of ants that have been found.

He says funding has just been approved to educate people about the pest and how to control it.


The proposal for the crazy ant eradication or the awareness or the training component, its very important that people living in tokelau or travelling to tokelau understand that these ants can travel in your baggage, so we want to create more awareness of crazy ants. 20"

Bill Nagle of the Pacific Invasive Initiatives Group.