3 Mar 2006

Assistance mission giving Solomon Islands judiciary extra US$3.5m

9:18 am on 3 March 2006

The judiciary in Solomon Islands is getting an extra US$3.5 million over the next two years in support from the Regional Assistance Mission.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports the Special Coordinator to the Mission, James Batley, as saying the money is in addition to the on-going help rendered to the judiciary.

Mr Batley says they realised in consultation with the Chief Justice, that some areas of the courts needed more help than other areas.

Mr Batley says the Mission is happy to assist in enhancing the development of law and justice, as Solomon Islands is still in a post conflict situation.

The Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer says the assistance is timely in the rebuilding phase, to bring persons accused of crimes committed during the period of ethnic unrest to trial and justice.