2 Mar 2006

Taiwan objects to Forum hosting China meeting with Pacific allies

2:06 pm on 2 March 2006

Taiwan is objecting to the involvement of the Pacific Islands Forum in next month's summit in Fiji between China and its allies in Oceania.

Islands Business magazine reports that the Taiwanese Trade Mission representative in Suva, Sherman Shi-Nan Kuo, objects to the involvement of the Forum Secretariat.

Mr Kuo says Taiwan is a donor to the Forum and it has told them that if they are organising a summit for China, then Taiwan could also ask for the same favour.

Mr Kuo said that for 2006, Taiwan has earmarked 700,000 US dollars for the Forum Secretariat.

It is also continuing with a 500,000 US dollar scholarship scheme for islands university students.

The biggest Pacific Island ally of Taiwan, Solomon Islands, has already said it won't attend the summit.