1 Mar 2006

Forest group urges international support to curb illegal logging in PNG

4:17 pm on 1 March 2006

A US-based group, Forest Trends, says many countries need to do their part to crack down on logging in Papua New Guinea.

Forest Trends has released a new report titled "Logging, Legality, and Livelihoods in PNG" which says the commercial logging industry in Papua New Guinea is unsustainable and some of it illegal.

The report analysed five independent reviews of the timber industry conducted between 2000 and 2005.

The president of Forest Trends, Michael Jenkins, says although the report calls on the PNG government to better monitor the timber industry, other countries can also assist.

"Countries like China, the US and Europe who are all involved in this on terms of receiving a product could send stronger market signals back to PNG to say we want to be partners with you but we want to make sure the wood comes from sustainably managed sources."

The President of Forest Trends Michael Jenkins