13 Feb 2006

Solomons Department of Lands conducts house hold survey in Honiara

1:09 pm on 13 February 2006

The Solomon Islands Department of Lands and Survey is to carry out an inventory of all existing households residing on public land within the boundary of Honiara.

In a statement, the Department says the issue of uncontrolled occupation of public land in Honiara is becoming one of the greatest challenges facing both central and local government planning authorities.

It says uncontrolled development is leading to increasingly higher densities in areas that have few municipal services.

The Department explains that the survey is part of the process to address the issue of occupation and gain an understanding of current settlement patterns.

The survey, which began today, involves field enumerators going from house to house gathering information to assist the department, and the Honiara City Council with the policy development and physical planning initiatives.