26 Jan 2006

American Samoa Governor admits mistake over hospital loan legislation

8:26 pm on 26 January 2006

The LBJ Hospital will have to wait longer before getting proceeds of a 10 million US dollar loan from the American Samoa Government.

The bill that approved the loan automatically died after 30 days had passed and it had not been acted on by Governor Togiola Tulafono.

The governor has now re-submitted the loan bill to the Fono for review with an apology for the error and inconvenience it has created for lawmakers and the people of the territory.

The law states that if a bill has not been acted on 30 days after the end of the session in which it was approved, it dies.

In a statement the governor has admitted a serious mistake was made in the calculation of days, however he did not believe that anyone had set out to intentionally create an oversight.

The bill allows the government to borrow 10 million dollars from the Government Employees Retirement Fund to pay old debts of the cash strapped LBJ Hospital.