10 Jan 2006

Vanuatu policeman suspended after child shoots teenager

2:05 pm on 10 January 2006

Police in Vanuatu are to question a colleague who's been suspended in connection with the killing of a boy at the weekend.

The man is said to be the father of a 10-year-old boy who used a rifle to shoot the 16-year-old boy, John Harry Mitchell on Saturday.

Senior Inspector Ron Tamtam says the police officer is unlikely to be questioned until Friday as he and other members of the Erakor community are in a state of shock.

"After coming back from the bush, the boy, and other two boys and a girl were heading towards their vehicle when the boy, he asked if he could shoot him and he said 'You may if you want to'. And then the boy pull on the trigger and he shoot the boy and he died instantly."

Senior Inspector Tamtam says investigations have found the rifle had been bought from a shop in Port Vila on the 4th of April.