29 Dec 2005

Fiji waiting for answers on ex-soldiers asked to leave PNG's Bougainville

10:35 am on 29 December 2005

Fiji authorities say they have no word on whether police in Bougainville will carry out their threat to use force to remove five former Fiji commandos.

A deadline for the Fijians to leave, expired yesterday, along with their 60-day PNG visas.

The diplomat who negotiated the release of three Fijians from the group earlier this month says he's waiting for PNG police to return his call.

The men have been giving military training to supporters of the money scheme operator, Noah Musingku, in Tonu.

The district officer in Arawa, Otto Naruka, says anger is being directed at Mr Musingku for failing to pay back local investors.

Mr Naruka says the Fijians are also owed money.

"Noah Musingku's propaganda is very powerful. He has moved these Fijians to Bougainville too, promising them huge amounts of money to be paid, and that's a similar situation in Bougainville too."





The second secretary at the Fiji High Commission in Port Moresby, Emosi Rakai, says the Me'ekamui rebel leadership never mentioned the option of forcing the Fijians out of Tonu during his association with them in Bougainville.