19 Dec 2005

CNMI extends deadline of safe haven for Vietnamese human trafficking victims

4:21 pm on 19 December 2005

The deadline for submissions has been extended on whether to allow Vietnamese victims of human trafficking and sexual slavery into the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.

The public was given until Christmas, but there will now be a public forum to discuss the proposal on December 29.

The Attorney General and the US International Mission are proposing the CNMI provide a safe haven for victims to undergo rehabilitation after their ordeal.

But the Attorney General, Pamela Brown, says there has been some resistance to the idea.

"The safe haven project is something that is a little scary for the indigenous population as well as Im sure there's some discussion going on the US mainland officials regarding this proposal. Hopefully when we get through with the public hearing and comments and these kinds of interviews, people will realise that it is being done to provide an answer to what is a hole in the global protection of these victims."

The CNMI's Attorney General Pam Brown