29 Nov 2005

No progress in French Polynesia talks as general strike looms

2:44 pm on 29 November 2005

Union representatives in French Polynesia have failed to attend a meeting with employers as the deadline looms for an unlimited general strike.

The employers were present for the weekend discussions about proposed changes that are part of the government's fiscal reform.

The unions are opposed to increased charges and the heads of the social security organisations have warned that they will resign from their posts over the matter.

If there is no resolution to the dispute, the strike will begin tomorrow at midnight.

This comes as the president of the territorial government, Oscar Temaru, is reportedly out of the country.

But there is no word that he is to have meetings in France this week despite a report by the AFP news agency quoting the territory's in Paris, Thierry Teai, as saying Mr Temaru was due for top-level talks in the second half of November.