15 Nov 2005

US Postal Service probe into fake money orders in American Samoa

7:34 am on 15 November 2005

The US Postal Inspector's office in Honolulu has been asked to investigate reports of fake Postal Service money orders in American Samoa.

Counterfeit orders amounting to US$9,500 were confiscated by the US Postal Service in Pago Pago last week.

The American Samoa post master, Smitty McMoore, said this was a new scam in the territory and residents were urged to be extra careful that they weren't taken in by these scam artists.

Mr McMoore said a local resident received an email saying she'd won a lottery, and was sent 10 postal service money orders, each valued at US$950.

Mr McMoore said that after checking the "water marks" and "serial number" on the money orders he learnt that they were fakes.