11 Nov 2005

Samoa doctors reject government recommendations and continue strike

4:56 pm on 11 November 2005

The Samoa Medical Association has decided to continue striking despite hope that it might agree with commission of inquiry recommendations regarding its demands.

30 doctors have been on strike over pay and working conditions for more than two months.

A commission of inquiry recommended that starting salaries for graduate doctors remain the same and doctors salaries be reviewed based on expertise.

It has also supported higher staffing levels, shorter hours for outpatient doctors, and that more doctors be brought in from abroad so local staff can undertake specialist studies or further their qualifications.

Dr Navy Collins from the association says they have told cabinet they don't agree with all the findings.

"Some of the issues we have accepted and I think the issues in regards to the salary we are still trying to negotiate, not only the entry point but also on the other brackets of salaries according to our different levels for medical officers."

Dr Collins says it is now up to the government to meet them on their salary demands.