19 Oct 2005

American Samoan governor plans visit to Australia and New Zealand

4:51 pm on 19 October 2005

The governor of American Samoa is planning to visit Australia and New Zealand as part of a drive to encourage businesses to set up in the territory.

Togiola Tulafono believes investors could find American Samoa an extremely attractive option in which to establish an industry due to its duty free access to the enormous U.S. market.

Among others, Togiola is to target Carlton Breweries, which produces Vailima beer, to pitch the idea of setting up a brewery in the territory.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says the visit by Togiola is expected to take place before the end of the year.

"The governor believes that American Samoa has overlooked countries that are trading partners, so to speak, and right in its neighbourhood, because it's always looking to America for answers to all of its problems."

Monica Miller in Pago Pago.