29 Sep 2005

Fiji to produce a satellite map of its forest areas

9:16 am on 29 September 2005

Fiji is to produce a satellite map of its forest areas.

The images will help officials assess the extent of logging and the spread of different tree species.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"Fiji's ministry of fisheries and forests says the amount of tree cover has changed since the last survey in 1991."

The map will show areas where sustainable logging is permitted, and upland areas which are protected as critical watersheds.

It will also outline forests which have been preserved to protect historic sites and wildlife.

The information on timber stocks will be used to calculate a yearly logging cut.

Officials are set to sign off on the 700-thousand US dollar project today, and they expect it to be completed in a little over two years' time.

This is Walter Zweifel.