20 Sep 2005

PNG Catholic bishops say community must act to end police brutality

8:43 pm on 20 September 2005

The Papua New Guinea Catholic Bishops' Conference says it is up to the community to act to halt police brutality.

The President of the Conference, Bishop Francesco Sarego says they are stunned at the lack of action since a damning report last month by Human Rights Watch documented police beatings.

Bishop Sarego says there are appalling reports of injuries inflicted on children by the official system.

He says society must not tolerate such behaviour by any person and particularly not by its servants.

Bishop Sarego says the community must take a lead to end this.

"If the community would be educated enough and aware enough of their rights and then go public, I think would be best - not just a group but the community itself. And I think that the group of women that are a bit better organised they should come out much stronger on some social issues - it seems that sometimes they don't come out and that is unfortunate."

Bishop Francesco Sarego.