16 Sep 2005

Cook Island Party says it's faced with backroom deals

3:49 pm on 16 September 2005

The Cook Island Party says it's being subjected to back room dealings after two of its cabinet minister were sacked this week.

Tom Marsters and Tupou Faireka were dumped and yesterday, two members of the Democratic Party, Tangata Vavia and Ngamau Munukoa, were sworn in.

The General Secretary of the Cook Islands Party, Temu Okotai, says its position in the coalition government is uncertain.

"We are now officially the opposition. We are not happy with things, all the behind the scenes maneuvering and so on. Yesterday, the Prime Minister confirmed two new ministers, were they coalition or merging, we don't know."

Temu Okotai says the sackings are a continuation of what he calls musical chairs which has affected the government for the last six years.