12 Sep 2005

Doctors in Samoa take industrial action

7:18 am on 12 September 2005

Doctors in Samoa have taken industrial action.

But the President of Samoa's Medical Association, Mainu'uese Imo, says doctors will work if they are needed in a life or death situation.

The government says emergency services are still being supplied at the hospital and private clinics say they are open as well.

With more, here's our correspondent, Monica Miller:

"The doctors strike action came at the end of an association meeting in which three government officials made a last minute plea to the doctors not to go forward with their industrial action. Dr Imo told the Samoa Observer that the officials took turns presenting the government's viewpoint the doctors salary demands. She said this only made the doctors more angry. Dr Imo summed up the medical associations position: We've had enough negotiations, we're sick of negotiating and they give us nothing at all. She added, All we can say is that we are very sorry it's come to this."