5 Jul 2005

Fiji police search for remains of three girls after man confesses to killing them

8:15 pm on 5 July 2005

Fiji police looking for the remains of three girls murdered by their self-confessed killer Dip Chand have found the bones of another girl on Malake Island near Rakiraki.

Radio Legend reports that this has been confirmed by the director of police criminal investigations, Ravi Narayan.

The bones will be tested to see if they belong to another girl who was last seen with Mr Chand three years ago but has been missing ever since.

Earlier today, Mr Chand confessed to police that he had murdered the three teenage girls missing from their Rakiraki home since he took them on a fishing and picnic trip 10 days ago.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, said Mr Chand confessed to the murder of the three sisters aged 17, 18 and 19 under interrogation at Rakiraki police station.

Mr Chand is currently in custody in Rakiraki jail pending sentencing after he pleaded guilty on Monday to 10 counts of rape involving three other girls including two minors between 2001 and last month.

Today's bone find happened when Mr Chand was with police on Malake Island looking for evidence to support his confession of murder.

Divers are engaged in an underwater search behind Malake Island where Chand may have dumped their bodies.