21 Apr 2005

Election candidates on Niue yet to begin wooing voters

3:30 pm on 21 April 2005

Niue's chief electoral officer says there is little sign that the island is going to the polls in a little over a week.

Niue's eleventh general election will take place on April 30.

Seven candidates are set to be returned automatically because they have not been opposed in their village constituency seats.

That leaves 13 seats up for grabs in the 20-member assembly.

But Chief electoral officer Togia Sioneholo says there are few signs in the community of the imminent poll.

"Well its very quiet. I haven't seen any campaigning or any billboard up on the road. I haven't seen any flyers. Its very unlike past years, where you normally have some leaflets being tossed around. But this year's been really quiet. I guess people are just waiting for the last week."

Togia Sioneholo says 14 people, including three newcomers, will contest six common roll seats.