6 Apr 2005

Concern about type of tourist visiting Fiji

3:43 pm on 6 April 2005

There's serious concern about the type of tourists visiting Fiji following the jailing of an Australian university lecturer for unnatural offences with a local youth.

55-year old Thomas Maxwell McCosker told the Nadi magistrate that he had come to Fiji for some fun and did not know that what he did was against the laws of the country.

Police told the court that McCosker took pictures and made movies of the offences which were to be posted on the Internet and part of the proceeds given to the youth.

The matter only came to light when a dispute arose about money.

Both men were jailed for two years.

The chief executive of the Fiji Visitors Bureau, Bill Gavoka, says it is impossible to detect people who come to Fiji for ulterior motives to prey on unfortunate people.

Mr Gavoka says screening all tourists is not feasible.