22 Mar 2005

World Vision says not enough food in PNG's Manam Island care centres

3:38 pm on 22 March 2005

A charity in Papua New Guinea says there is a serious shortage of food for Manam Islanders in some mainland care centres.

Thousands of people have been moved off the island after a volcanic eruption ate last year.

The National Director for World Vision's Pacific Development Group, Don Bradford, says the missing million kina aid money the government was to use to help the islanders has created major problems for care centres.

World Vision has been assisting the provincial government with food, sanitation and water supply.

Mr Bradford says the food shortage is serious and affects many people.

"Ranges from fairly positive when they do have food to being lets say a little short and grumpy as we all would be if we're not getting it. And last time I was there that was the case, and they were all fairly short last time, and in particular, one care centre was obviously very short and they were all quite upset about it."

Don Bradford, The National Director for World Vision's Pacific Development Group