3 Mar 2005

Rain causes floods and landslides in Fiji

9:17 am on 3 March 2005

Heavy rain in Fiji yesterday and during the night has caused flooding and landslides, and left hundreds of people stranded.

11 homes were reported destroyed in landslides in the Baulevu area of the Rewa Delta last night.

Police are not able to reach the area to determine if there were any deaths and injuries because several other landslides have blocked the road.

A landslide also blocked the Wailoku Road on the northern outskirts of Suva late yesterday, leaving thousands of workers and students unable to return to their homes.

Landslides have been reported from the Sawani area about 15 kilometres north of Suva and roads are blocked.

The landslides have brought down power lines and disrupted electricity supplies.

Flooding has been reported from low-lying areas, with the Nadi Weather Centre warning of more heavy rain in the southern and eastern parts of Fiji today.

More details of damage and disruptions are expected from police and disaster authorities later this morning.