17 Feb 2005

Samoa grateful that Olaf left it relatively unscathed

9:23 pm on 17 February 2005

The Principal National Disaster Officer in Samoa says the country is thankful that Cyclone Olaf left it relatively unscathed.

Olaf had been moving slowly through Samoan waters since Tuesday but has since left the region on a Southeasterly path.

Mena Nelson says the country was well prepared because of the presence of three cyclones in the region this month.

Ms Nelson says in the end Olaf was almost a non-event compared to Cyclones Heta and Ofa which had caused widespread damage..

She says there is not much evidence of a cyclone hitting Samoa.

"Only a few bananas, fallen bananas, fallen trees here and there but nothing substantial. No damaged houses, just a few power lines in Savai'i but it's back to normal now, electricity is back to normal."

The Principal National Disaster Officer, Mena Nelson.