1 Feb 2005

Second day of Harold Keke trial in Solomon Islands sees witnesses struggling to remember events

12:57 pm on 1 February 2005

The trial of militant leader, Harold Keke, in Solomon Islands has moved into the second day with the prosecution calling witnesses to back up the murder charges.

Keke and two subordinates, Ronnie Cawa and Francis Lela, have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Cabinet Minister, Father Augustine Geve, in August 2002.

The prosecution has already called two church pastors who have struggled to remember the details of the incident.

Our correspondent in Honiara says local reports suggest that Harold Keke's presence in the court room appears to intimidate the witnesses.

This morning, the prosecution called on some villagers who were present during the meeting called by Keke after which it is alleged that Father Geve was shot and killed.

Crowds outside the court house have not decreased and police backed by military are still providing security for the trial.