21 Jan 2005

Senator in American Samoa proposes payrise

8:25 am on 21 January 2005

A senior senator in American Samoa says lawmakers' salaries should be raised to US$40,000 a year, but a bill is yet to be submitted on the issue.

Senator Tuanaitau Tuia, has informed the Senate President, Lolo Moliga, that he believes it's time the annual salaries of lawmakers are raised.

Senator Muagututia Tuatoo, said he's concerned with the public perception of the Fono raising their own salaries without justification.

He believes that the Fono should first raise the number of session days, which is currently 90 a year.

The Senate President and Speaker are paid US$30,000 a year, whilst the rest of the House and the Senate members are paid US$20,000 a year.

The taxable salaries don't include office expenses for each lawmaker of US$15,000 a year.