29 Dec 2004

Call for PNG police to change attitude and behaviour in the New Year

7:25 am on 29 December 2004

Papua New Guinea's Internal Security Minister, Bire Kimisopa, has called for human rights groups and non-governmental organisations to carry out an investigation into alleged police brutalities.

Mr Kimisopa's comments followed media reports that two senior police constables from the Southern Highlands had raped a young female who had been detained at the station in Mendi.

He said people in police custody still had their rights and if the allegations were proved it would be a terrible incident.

Mr Kimisopa referred to an incident that occurred at the beginning of the year where alleged sex workers were paraded on the Port Moresby streets and abused.

He said the women had also undergone abuse while in the hands of the police and this sort of action needed to be stopped.

The Police Commissioner, Sam Inguba, said an investigation had already been launched into the allegations against the two officers at Mendi.

He said the motto for next year was change and he said members of the police force had to change their attitude and behaviour.

Mr Inguba said they should be accountable and transparent to the public.