22 Dec 2004

PNG authorities discussing permanent location for Manam Island evacuees

11:27 am on 22 December 2004

In Papua New Guinea, the Chair of Madang's Provincial Disaster Committee, says they're now discussing what to do with evacuees from Manam Island, where a volcano has been erupting since October.

Thousands of people from the island have been moved to care centres on the mainland after ash falls made the island largely uninhabitable.

The Committee's Robert Yass says the provincial government has been providing basic supplies to the care camps that now house more than two thirds of Manam Island's population of 9,000.

He says they are now looking at how and where to resettle them permanently.

"There's two issues before us at the moment. The temporary relocation of Manam people as a result of the disaster. That's one. And the second one is the permanent resettlement for the programme for the long term. So there are two different issues we're trying to look at."

Robert Yass says they are also continuing to provide basic supplies to two villages on Manam that are yet to be evacuated.