15 Dec 2004

Call for Forum countries, China and Japan to help Australia rebuild PNG's institutional capacity.

5:02 pm on 15 December 2004

A report calling for Australia to provide much more assistance to Papua New Guinea to help rebuild its institutional capability, says Forum Island countries and Asian neighbours should also be involved.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute, in a report called "Strengthening our neighour: Australia and the future of Papua New Guinea" says Australia's aid effort so far in PNG has failed.

Co-author Professor Hugh White of the Australian National University, says a long term plan of support to rebuild the country's capacity needs to be drawn up.

He says Australia has a special relationship and responsibility in PNG but other countries in the region should also be brought in to help.

"We very strongly encourage the government to draw other important, interested parties into this process. New Zealand, of course, is at the top of that list as a key partner for Australia in trying to help other countries in the South Pacific. The Forum has a role to play. Other countries in Asia Pacific have a role to play, Japan has a role to play, China, I think, might have a role to play."