9 Nov 2004

Fiji soldier, serving with Britain, killed in Iraq

7:39 pm on 9 November 2004

A Fijian soldier serving in the British army has been killed in the latest escalation of clashes in Iraq.

Radio Fiji reports that he was Private Peter Tukutukuwaqa of the Black Watch Regiment.

A British military spokesman said Private Tukutukuwaqa was part of a patrol in a Warrior armoured vehicle when a wire-controlled roadside bomb was exploded underneath it.

Two other soldiers were injured.

The British troops were south of Baghdad filling in for US marines who are engaged in the battle for Fallujah.

Five members of the Black Watch Regiment have been killed since it was deployed to relieve the Americans two weeks ago.

But Captain McCauley of the regiment is quoted as saying while they have suffered casualties, it has made the troops more determined to complete their mission.

More than 2-thousand Fijians are serving in the British army in various parts of the world and another recruitment is currently under way in Suva.