26 Oct 2004

Fiji Law Society president plans to hold discussions over criticism of judges

4:27 pm on 26 October 2004

The president of the Fiji Law Society says he plans to hold discussions with key politicians and others, following recent public criticism of judges.

Graham Leung was speaking after an un-named spokesman from the prime minister's office said there were elements within the judiciary who were attempting to discredit and embarrass the government.

Those comments came after a judge criticised conditions in the remand cells of Suva prison and another ruled that the value added tax decree was unconstitutional.

Mr Leung says in his view, it is inappropriate to publicly attack judges, who for reasons of judicial integrity, aren't able to defend themselves in the same manner.

"Certainly when I get back to Fiji, it's going to be my intention to have a constructive discussion, or seek constructive discussions with some of the key stakeholders and try and work our way through these matters in a civilised fashion."

Graham Leung, the president of the Fiji Law Society.