26 Oct 2004

French Polynesian political crisis deepens

11:30 am on 26 October 2004

French Polynesia's political crisis has taken another turn with today's scheduled presidential election failing to take place.

Last week the assembly had already elected Gaston Flosse as the lawful president.

Radio New Zealand International's news editor, Walter Zweifel, filed this report from Papeete.

"Today's scheduled presidential election in French Polynesia has failed and deepened the two week-old political crisis. The majority of MPs supporting Gaston Flosse, walked away from the assembly after waiting more than two hours for the Speaker to turn up to open the sitting. Antony Geros had called the meeting to choose a new President. An MP in Mr Flosse's camp, Jean-Christophe Bouissou, said Mr Flosse may announce his government as soon as tomorrow."