6 Oct 2004

London-based group says Fiji's national forgiveness ceremomy was shameful

11:45 am on 6 October 2004

The London-based Movement for Democracy in Fiji says the organisation of Monday's national forgiveness ceremony for perpetrators of the coup and mutinies was shameful.

The Movement's chairman, Raymond Croxon, says this was because two leaders of the upheavals, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Senator Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, were chosen to lead the forgiveness ceremony.

The Daily Post quotes Mr Croxon as saying both men, who are facing mutiny related charges in the courts, have chosen not to accept responsibility for violence and terrorism or that they did anything wrong, by pleading NOT guilty.

Mr Croxon is questioning how they could should show true reconciliation if they do not accept they did anything wrong.

Mr Croxon says the violence and terror that benefitted the people presently in power was perpetrated against different communities in many rural parts of the country.

The Movement for Democracy chairman says the government needs to go out to these people against whom crimes were committed to find out what type of reconciliation they want.