1 Oct 2004

Second defendant in Pitcairn sex abuse trials before the court

2:22 pm on 1 October 2004

The Crown in the Pitcairn sex abuse trials has described the second defendant to appear in court as having the attitude that young girls were available to him if and when he chose .

Dave Brown who is 49 and one of the island's tractor drivers is facing two charges of gross indecency and 13 charges of indecent assault including one involving a five year old girl.

Sue Ingram reports from Pitcairn.

"This morning the court heard the opening statement of the prosecution in the second of this series of seven trials. The defendant Dave Brown nicknamed The Mouth is the son of the oldest defendant Len Brown. And also the brother of Olive Christian - who's married to the most prominent of the accused, present day mayor Steven Christian."

The charges against Dave Brown relate to five alleged victims, including a five year old girl and another under 13.

The offences are alleged to have taken place over a 21 year period ending in 1991. The Crown told the court that the defendant made a number of sexual advances to the girls and teenagers over a number of years.

The first complainant in this trail is under cross examination now.