14 Sep 2004

Solomons conference focusses on women's concerns in the wake of the ethnic unrest

8:41 pm on 14 September 2004

An advocate for women in Solomon Islands, Ruth Liloqula, says women's issues are too fragmented.

Ms Liloqula, says the aim of the national Women for Peace forum is to develop a united vision for Solomon Islands women.

But she says in order to make progress, women need to know their history and where they have come from.

"I think its time now to lets talk about what's happening, and helping women come through the process of thinking as well as of advancement in all spheres of livelihoods and lives, so that we can be a much more stronger and empowered force we can hold together instead of being disintegrated and being used for all sorts of other people's agendas"

Ruth Liloqula from Women for Peace.