13 Sep 2004

Solomon Islands police patrolling Gold Ridge area after reports of trouble

1:45 pm on 13 September 2004

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands denies that militants are reforming on Guadalcanal.

Local police officers, with the help of RAMSI military and police officers, are monitoring the area of Gold Ridge in response to recent reports of roaming troublemakers harassing villagers.

The assistant commissioner of RAMSI's police force, Errol Raiser, says their deployment to the area is in support of the Royal Solomon Islands police who are leading the operation.

He says there's no truth to reports that militant groups are reforming, and that any trouble has come from individuals.

"We're aware of media reports that a few of these groups were reforming. In fact there's absolutely no evidence of that. And also, I believe reports were coming out that there was substaintial destruction of houses and displacement of people - none of that has come to fruition and certainly the scale of it is certainly not correct either."

The assistant commissioner of RAMSI's police force, Errol Raiser