13 Sep 2004

Senior Cook Islands politician appears to lose seat in General Elections

7:27 am on 13 September 2004

A senior figure in Cook Island politics appears to have lost his seat in the general elections.

Preliminary results indicate the Norman George has lost his seat but other results have confirmed sitting MPs.

Linda Skates reports from Atiu in the Cook Islands:

"The former Minister of Health, Vaevae Pare, can now breath a sigh of relief after being confirmed in his Matavera constituency."

Vaevae Pare had been trailing The Cook Islands Party candidate by just four in the preliminary results, but this was overturned on special votes 221 to 200.

The news has not been so good for the Prime Minister's advisor, Norman George, who has lost his seat on Atiu's Tengatangi, Ngatiarua Areora constituency, to the Democratic party's candidate, Eugene Tatuava, 67 to 73.

And so far, there's been an overwhelming yes in the referendum on reducing the term of parliament from five years to four.

From the Cook islands, this is Linda Skates .