13 Sep 2004

French Polynesia President discusses plans for new airport in the Marquesas while in Paris

11:44 am on 13 September 2004

The French Polynesian president has returned from Paris after his second trrip to France in less than two months.

Oscar Temaru says he has discussed the revival of plans to build a large airport in the Marquesas islands which are in the territory's far north.

Mr Temaru says there should be a new feasibility study and support from France and the European Union for the undertaking.

He says he also held talks with the tourism minister, Leon Bertrand, with a view to share know-how in a bid to grow visitor numbers to half a million within ten years.

Mr Temaru, who was accompanied by his finance minister, Emile Vanfasse, says the Paris talks involved meeting the foreign minister, Michel Barnier, to discuss a planned fishing agreement with Kiribati and a deal for China to give French Polynesia approved tourist destination status.