8 Sep 2004

Fiji chiefs ponder Seniloli's fate, await divine guidance

2:29 pm on 8 September 2004

Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs is expected to identify a replacement for jailed vice president Seniloli at an emergency meeting currently under way in Suva.

Radio Legend reports that each member of the council has been asked to nominate one person who they feel is suitable for the position.

The chairman of the council, Ratu Ovini Bokini, has asked members to leave aside outside influences and make nominations with an open mind for the benefit of all citizens.

Meanwhile, a Radio Fiji report says a former president of the Methodist Church, the Reverend Isireli Caucau, urged the chiefs to seek divine intervention in their discussions on the vice presidency when the meeting started today.

Radio Fiji also quotes Ratu Ovini as saying that the chiefs are God's representatives in Fiji and that any decision taken will be godly.

The chiefs will later discus the return of traditional fishing grounds to their indigenous owners and post-coup reconciliation moves by the government.